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Charityfields is more than just another online fundraising campaign platform. We know what goes into a successful fundraising campaign and how much time and expertise is required to meet fundraising goals. That’s why we provide all of the components that go into a successful campaign, in-house.


Our team manages every stage of the process from producing high quality videos, social media engagement, setting up call centers on the day of the campaign and much more – with no upfront costs! Yes, you read that correctly, we create your entire campaign, with absolutely no up-front cost! Because there is nothing we love more than helping those who help others.

Campaign Platform

Five Star Performance

Seamless Donation Transactions

Impressive aesthetic

Video Creation

Customized Campaign Film 

Inspirational & Motivational

Clear & Straightforward

service  bundle

Social Media Bundle

Instagram & Facebook Marketing

Content Creation

Algorithm Analysis & Report

Email & SMS


Captivating Headers

High Engagement Rate

Database Insight Reports



Team of Professional Agents

Motivated & Organized

Personable & Friendly

Copy-write Creation

Alligned with Brand Identity

Relateable & Seamless Wording

Clear Call-to-Action


Enjoy all of these services


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