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Charityfields is more than just another online fundraising campaign platform. We know what goes into a successful fundraising campaign and how much time and expertise is required to meet fundraising goals. That’s why we provide all of the components that go into a successful campaign, in-house.


Our team manages every stage of the process from producing high quality videos, social media engagement, setting up call centers on the day of the campaign and much more – with no upfront costs! Yes, you read that correctly, we create your entire campaign, with absolutely no up-front cost! Because there is nothing we love more than helping those who help others.

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Campaign Platform

Five Star Performance

Seamless Donation Transactions

Impressive aesthetic

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Video Creation

Customized Campaign Film 

Inspirational & Motivational

Clear & Straightforward

service  bundle

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Social Media Bundle

Instagram & Facebook Marketing

Content Creation

Algorithm Analysis & Report

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Email & SMS


Captivating Headers

High Engagement Rate

Database Insight Reports

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Team of Professional Agents

Motivated & Organized

Personable & Friendly

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Copy-write Creation

Alligned with Brand Identity

Relateable & Seamless Wording

Clear Call-to-Action

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Enjoy all of these services


We look forward to introducing you to our team!

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